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Functional Service Provider (FSP)

FSP partnerships have been gaining traction in recent years because of their potential for increasing efficiency in outsourcing without compromising quality. We have implemented a number of FSP models and know exactly how to make FSP model work. By choosing our FSP you will reduce cost and improve efficiency without compromising scientific integrity or quality.

Our FSP model will ensure that you will work with a consistent team that understands your systems, your processes, and your expectations. This will provides an easy and flexible way to scale up and avoid the expense of underutilized resources. You will benefit from the knowledge and experience of our industry leading experts. This will ultimately reduce the resources spent on oversight as our working relationship matures.Better long-term planning and availability results in faster turnaround time.

Our FSP Services:

  • Specialized and skilled resource provisioning
  • Project specific training
  • Therapy area training
  • Periodic trainings
  • Annual performance review and reports
  • Continuous education and motivation


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