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Project Management

Our Project Management Model ensures sponsors’ needs are met by utilizing best-in-class project management solutions coupled with senior operational oversight and therapeutic leadership. This dual focus allows us to achieve a high quality of service and exceed client’s expectations.

VST Research employs a distinctive approach to project management which enhances our ongoing commitment to innovation and operational transparency. Our project management framework is focused on standardized quantitative and qualitative performance metrics dedicated to continuous process improvement. Importantly, our methodology allows for flexibility and customization while still maintaining the ability to efficiently produce reliable and repeatable results.

You will work with a highly trained Project Manager (PM) who functions as your single source for information on your deliverable, simplifying the entire process as well as maximizing quality and efficiency. From study set-up, site-selection, database design and site communication, to monitoring visits, reporting and database lock, our PM proactively identifies and manages every risk to help ensure you receive consistent and meticulous results when you need them. Our PM creates a management framework to optimize the skills of team members and drives focus on the quality and efficiency of individual tasks.

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