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Feasibility and Site Selection

Identifying, screening and qualifying investigational sites is an ongoing challenge for every clinical trial team. The more accurate the initial feasibility assessment, the more successful the trial — meaning on timeenrolment and completion within budget. Here at VST Research, we understand that choosing the right clinical investigator is one of the key factors in conducting a successful trial.

Our global feasibility and site selection services are designed to equip our clients to meet or exceed their research objectives. Through our experienced team, extensive research database and customized feasibility questionnaires, we can provide our customers with the necessary enrolment strategies and site selections to efficiently initiate a trial.

During the feasibility stage, we not only focus on therapy area and patient population but review all aspects which may impact the clinical trial, these areas include but not limited to the following:

  • Country and regionalexpectations
  • Logistical considerations
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Protocol design

Our Feasibility and Site Selection Services:

  • Designing the Feasibility questionnaires
  • Feasibility Collection
  • Feasibility analysis and site qualification
  • Investigator and Trial staff interviews

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